200+ e-Books about antiques on DVD


200+ e-Books about antiques on DVD

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This DVD Is a great reference source for collectors, antique dealers, investors, museums and people that are interested in antique gold, silver- and goldsmith arts, antique porcelain and pottery arts, vintage glass & glassware, vintage jewellery, old clocks, antique furniture, etc.

Antique books | Precious metals | Vintage furniture | Antique glass | Old jewelry | Antique clocks and watches

  • 40+ e-Books on antique silver, gold and other precious metals: makers' marks, hallmarks, tax marks, town marks, import marks, fineness marks, etc., history of silver, assaying gold, techniques, artwork, oriental silverwork, plate, etc.
  • 30+ e-Books on antiques porcelain & pottery: porcelain marks, date marks, makers' marks, factory marks, artwork, Japanese porcelain, Dutch pottery, history of important porcelain factories, techniques, artwork, painting porcelain, German porcelain, etc.
  • 25+ e-Books on antique furniture: Distinctive styles and periods, history of furniture, English furniture, French furniture, colonial furniture, Dutch and Flemish furniture, art decoration on furniture, furniture ornaments, woodwork, important makers, etc.
  • 25+ e-Books on antique jewellery: English jewellery, manufacturing jewels, reference books, catalogues of vintage jewellery, etc.
  • 35+ e-Books on glass and glassware: Stained glass, painted glass, glass making, table glass, Spanish glass, Irish glass, smoked glass, history of glass and glass making, English glass, American glassware, styles, glass painting, handbooks, catalogues, etc.
  • 35+ e-Books on antique clocks and watches: different clock styles, history of clocks, dating and identifying clocks, clock & watch making, etc.

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Antique jewellery | Vintage jewelry books | Antique jewels | Old jewellery collections
Antique books glass glassware table glass making stained glass online glass marks
Furniture books | Antique furniture | French furniture | Styles, periods | Dutch, Flemisch furniture


Attention: The DVD will be send by post.  The books are PDF format and readable via Adobe Acrobat reader.



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