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About e-Books Antiques


About e-Books Antiques online:

Collecting antiques is an interesting, educational and sometimes profitable hobby. Good sources of information are antique books, e-books, internet, catalogues, museum works, antique collector guides, antiques magazines and newsletters. If someone tries to collect antiques without knowing the basics of antiques, he or she will probably never succeed in this hobby or business. That's why we recommend our eBooks as valuable reference material for both non-professional and professional antique collectors as well.

All e-books are in Adobe PDF format and zoomable and available on CD / DVD, via download or e-Mail. No shipping costs, worldwide! Starting at only $ 9.50 per e-book collection (20+ antique e-books).

Our antique books contain valuable collections of rare, sometimes privately published and out-of-print reference books, research manuals and museum works on antique jewellery, porcelain, ceramics, pottery, antique furniture, old clocks, watches, stained glass and glassware, antiques precious metals: silver, gold, platinum, palladium, antique marks, antique rifles and gunsantique interior decoration books, vintage photograph books, heraldry books, old architecture books. Many of the antiques books were printed in the late 1800's and 1900's in limited quantities for museums and private collectors, making them almost impossible to purchase by the average person. On the used books market these works are rare, hard to find and therefore very expensive.

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e-Books antiques online offers you the opportunity to purchase these must-have, meticulously scanned and digitized, old books online at a fraction of the costs. Next time you are visiting antique shops, an antique mall, an antique roadshow, antique auctions or antique fairs, you know the basics of antiques.

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