200+ e-Books about antiques on DVD


200+ e-Books about antiques on DVD

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Antique books on DVD, 200+ e-books, 6 collections of antique books, 50.000+ pages.

This DVD Is a great reference source for collectors, antique dealers, investors, museums and people that are interested in antique gold, silver- and goldsmith arts, antique porcelain and pottery arts, vintage glass & glassware, vintage jewellery, old clocks, antique furniture, etc.

  • 40+ e-Books on antique silver, gold and other precious metals: makers' marks, hallmarks, tax marks, town marks, import marks, fineness marks, etc., history of silver, assaying gold, techniques, artwork, oriental silverwork, plate, etc.
  • 30+ e-Books on antiques porcelain & pottery: porcelain marks, date marks, makers' marks, factory marks, artwork, Japanese porcelain, Dutch pottery, history of important porcelain factories, techniques, artwork, painting porcelain, German porcelain, etc.
  • 25+ e-Books on antique furniture: Distinctive styles and periods, history of furniture, English furniture, French furniture, colonial furniture, Dutch and Flemish furniture, art decoration on furniture, furniture ornaments, woodwork, important makers, etc.
  • 25+ e-Books on antique jewellery: English jewellery, manufacturing jewels, reference books, catalogues of vintage jewellery, etc.
  • 35+ e-Books on glass and glassware: Stained glass, painted glass, glass making, table glass, Spanish glass, Irish glass, smoked glass, history of glass and glass making, English glass, American glassware, styles, glass painting, handbooks, catalogues, etc.
  • 35+ e-Books on antique clocks and watches: different clock styles, history of clocks, dating and identifying clocks, clock & watch making, etc.
    Antique books | Precious metals | Vintage furniture | Antique glass | Old jewelry | Antique clocks and watches

All e-books on the DVD are in easy readable Adobe Acrobat reader .PDF format. The "ZOOM feature" in Adobe Acrobat reader, allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text.

This collection of antique books from the 19th and early 20th century will be delivered on a DVD via post.


This collection of 200+ antique books is also available via download link.

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