Antique book collection "Costume & Fashion" | 20+ eBooks via download link


Antique book collection "Costume & Fashion" | 20+ eBooks via download link

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20+ Digitized out of print antique books about costume and fashion from the 19th and early 20th century. Distribution via download link.

Over 20 antique costume and fashion e-books in one low-priced collection. More than 5.000 pages of knowledge. All antique books are in an easy readable Adobe Acrobat reader PDF format. You can zoom in and zoom out on the text and the silver and gold marks.

This collection of antique books is about the history of fashion, the art of dress, fashion then and now, fashion design, old-fashioned shoes, fashion drawing, costume and fashion. This collection contains rare, sometimes privately published and out-of-print books. Many of the antiques books were printed in the late 1800's and 1900's in limited quantities. On the used books market these works are rare, hard to find and therefore very expensive.


What are these "Costume and Fashion" books about?

The evolution of fashion, fashion slaves, bridal costume, mourning, curious headwear, history of the dress, fashion styles, fashion in France, English costume, New York fashion, feminine fashion, fashion drawing, costume design, the whole art of dress.

And much more....

This collection of antique books about costume and fashion can be easily downloaded via a download link. The download link will be provided after your payment has been received.

This collection of antique fashion books is also available on CD. No shipping costs worldwide.

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