Antiques e-Books collection "Glass" | 30+ e-Books on CD

Antiques e-Books collection "Glass" | 30+ e-Books on CD

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30+ Digitized out of print antique books about glass, glassware, the art of glas manufacture from the 19th and early 20th century gathered on CD.

Over 30 digitized antique books about antique glass, glasware, stained glass, art of glassmaking, table glass, etc. gathered in one collection. All antique books are in easy readable Adobe Acrobat reader PDF format. You can zoom in and zoom out on the text and the images. No shipping costs worldwide.

What are these "Antique glass, glassware" e-books about?

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Ancient painted Glass in England, Ancient stained and painted glass, English Table glass, Fifty years of glassmaking, Glass and Glass Manufacture (Percival Marson), Glass Manufacture, Irish Glass- an account of glass-making in Ireland from the XVIth century to the present day, Old English glasses - an account of glass drinking vessels in England from early times to the end of the eighteenth century, Painting on glass and porcelain and enamel painting, Reminiscences of glass-making, Smoked Glass, Spanish Glass - in the collection of the Hispanic society of America, Stained Glass - of the middle ages in England and France, Stained glass tours in England, Stained glass tours in France, A stained glass tour in Italy, Stained glass work - A text-book for students and workers in Glass, Stained glass - a handbook on the art of stained and painted glass, its origin and development from the time of Charlemagne to its decadence (850-1650 A.D.), The duality of historic stained glass, The mechanics of fitting glasses, Wonders of Glass-making in all ages, The Glass industry, Glass manufacture and the glass sand industry of Pennsylvania, The art of transparant painting on glass, A study of residential stained glass, A handbook of laboratory glass-blowing, Rudimentary treatise on the art of painting on glass or glass-staining, An inquiry into the difference of style observable in Ancient Glass Paintings, especially in England with hints on glass painting, Marvels of glass-making in all ages, American glassware old and new including manual for collectors of historical bottles, Windows: a book about stained and painted glass, A concise account of the principal works in stained glass that have been executed by Thomas Willement, Guide to the English ceramic ante-room and the glass and ceramic gallery, The secret of pictorial art or self-instructor in painting on glass, china, satin and paper, The collection of Heraldic, stained glass at Ronaele Manor Elkins Park Pennsylvania, Glass in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, An history of the origin and establishment of Gothic Architecture, Painter's cyclopedia - containing useful and valuable information on the several subjects. And much more ........

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