Antique books "Precious metals" | 40+ e-books via download link


Antique books "Precious metals" | 40+ e-books via download link

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"Precious metals" e-books collection, 40+ e-books, +10.000 pages, via download link.

Over 40 antique silver, gold and platinum books from the 19th and early 20th century digitized and available via a download link. All books are in easy readable Adobe Acrobat reader .PDF format.

Interesting subjects:
Standard marks, duty marks, tax marks, date marks, plate workers' marks, spoon marks, makers' marks, assay marks, finenes marks. Various standards of gold and silver.

Art work in silver and gold: Standing cups, dram cups, two-handled cups, beakers, tankards, flagons, mugs, teapots, chocolate pots, coffee pots, spoons, forks, candlesticks, porringers, sconces, candle brackets, snuff boxes, tobacco boxes, sugar boxes, bowls, sauce boats, Jewish synagogue silver, church silver, etc.

History of precious metals gold, silver, platinum. Assaying of silver, gold. Goldsmith & silversmith makers' marks. Celebrated European goldsmiths. Old English silver and plate.

Oriental silver-work: Malay, Japanese, Chinese. History of English goldsmiths. Church (plate) silver. Alloys of gold and silver. The hallmarking of jewellery. Assay towns of the United Kingdom. Manufacturers. Hallmarks for jewellery. Historic silver and gold objects. Plate, Pewter, Britannica silver.

And much more....

Precious metals | Antique books - Silver, Gold, Platinum | Hallmarks | Assay office marks

All e-books in this antique books collection are in easy readable Adobe Acrobat reader .PDF format. The "ZOOM feature" in Adobe Acrobat reader, allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text.

This collection of antique books about precious metals can be easily downloaded via a download link. The download link will be provided after your payment has been received.

This collection of silver, gold and platinum books is also available on CD.

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