Antiques Books Pottery and Porcelain | +30 antique books via Download link


Antiques Books Pottery and Porcelain | +30 antique books via Download link

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30 Amazing out-of-print and digitized antique books about pottery and porcelain from the 19th and early 20th century.

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The "Pottery and Porcelain" book collection gives you answers on almost everything that was known in the 19th and early 20th century about porcelain and pottery arts.

  • Thousands of pottery, porcelain factory and makers' marks.
  • Terms used by dealers and collectors with their meanings.
  • The history of pottery from the earliest times.
  • Ancient pottery, Mediaeval and Renanaissance, Italian Majolica, French Porcelain and pottery,
  • German stoneware, Dutch pottery, Staffordshire pottery,
  • Oriental and European pottery,
  • History of important porcelain and pottery factories.
  • The difference between pottery and porcelain.
  • Notes and descriptions of various counterfeit and misleading marks.

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This CD also contains thousands of pottery and porcelain marks, makers' marks, factory marks, a.o:

Anchor marks, animal marks, arrow marks, axe marks, beacon marks, bell marks, bird marks, bow marks, butterfly marks, circle marks, claw marks, crescent marks, cross marks, crown marks, dome marks, dot marks, ermine marks, fish marks, fleur-de-lys marks, flower marks, grass marks, hayfork marks, head marks, heart marks, horn marks, label marks, leaf marks, letters marks, lines marks, mitre marks, monograms, musical instruments marks, names, numeral marks, orb marks, oriental marks, oval marks, palette marks, pickaxe marks, pipe marks, rose marks, sceptre marks, shell marks, shield marks, ship marks, square marks, star marks, sun marks, sword marks, table marks, tower marks, triangle marks, trident marks, vases marks, windmill marks.


Marks of Majolica:

Bassano marks, Caffagiolo marks, Castel Durante marks, Castelli mark, Diruta marks, Faenza marks, Florence marks, Forli marks, Genoa marks, Gubbio marks, Lodi marks, Milan marks, Montelupo marks, Naples marks, Padua marks, Pesaro marks, Ravenna marks, Rimini marks, Rome, Savona, Siena marks, Treviso marks, Turin marks, Urbino marks, Venice marks.

Porcelain and pottery factories:


Altenrolhau, Amstel, Amsterdam, Andennes, Anspach, Aprey, Arnstadt, Arras, Baden-Baden, Bayreuth, Berlin, Bordeaux, Bourg-la-Reine, Bow, Bradwell, Bristol, Brussels, Burslem, Buen Retiro, Caen, Caldas, Capo di Monti, Casemène, Castleford, Caughley, Chantilly, Chelsey, Clignancourt, Coalport, Cobridge, Cologne, Copenhagen, Criel, Damm, Delft, Derby, Doccia, Dresden, Elbogen, Etruria, Ferrybridge, Florence, Frankenthal, Fulda, Furstenberg, Gera, Gotha, Grosbreitenbach, the Hague, Haldensteben, Hanley, Herculaneum, Herend, Hesse Cassel, Hesse Darmstadt, Hildersheim factory, Höchst, Kief, Kiel, Korzec, Kreuzen factory marks, Lane end, Longton, Leeds, Lille, Limbach, Limoges, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lougport factory, Loosdrecht, Lowestoft, Ludswigsburg, Luxembourg, Madrid, Malta, Marans, Marieberg, Marseilles, Meissen, Mencey Villeroy, Middlesbrough, Montet, Montpellier, Montreuil, Moscow, Moustiers, Nantgarw, Naples, Nevers, Newcastle, Niederviller, Nimes, Move, Nuremburg, Nymphenberg, Nyon, Oporto, Orleans, Paris, Perkenhammer, Pinxton, Plymouth, Popplesdorf, Quimper, Rauenstein, Regensburg, Rockingham, Rouen, Rudolstadt, Saintes, St. Amand, St. Cloud, St. Petersburg, St. Samson, Sceaux Penthiève, Schafhausen, Schlakenwald, Sèvres painters' marks, Shelton, Sinceny, Stoke-upon-Trent, Strasbourg, Sunderland, Swansea, Swinton, Toulouse, Tournay, Tours, Tunstall, Turin, Uzes, Val sous Meudon, Varages, Venice, Vienna, Vincennes, Villengen, volkstadt, Voisonlieu, Wedgwood, Worcester, Wurzburg, Yarmouth, Zurich.

Oriental marks of China and Japan:

Akahada, Asahi, Awaji, Awata, Arita, Banko, Bizen, Hirato, Hezen, Hishu, Imado, Imari, Kaga, Kioto, Kiomidzu, kishiu, Kutani, Minato, Mino, Raku, sado, Satsuma, Seto, Seto-suké, soma, Tokio, Toyoura, Tozan, Yeiraku.


And much more............


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